Stretches & Crunches
Stretches & Crunches

Muscle Group:

Abs, Core, Hip Flexors, Neck


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Exercise Mat, Dumbells

Crunches are the classic core exercise. These exercises strengthen your abdominal muscles. Making it a regular routine helps you in building better posture and a strong core, which means lower back pain or back injuries. Crunches work your rectus abdominis and it also helps in engaging your transverse abdominis that are your inner core muscles.

Detailed Workout Plan

Use an exercise mat for the Crunches to avoid bare floor or hard floor. Start the exercise by lying on your back, your hands should be behind your head, just above your ears. Your elbows and ears should be in line together. Lie in a way that your hips and lower back should be touching the ground.

Your legs should be together, bending from your knees and both the feet should be placed flat on the floor. Make sure your feet should remain together flat on the floor throughout the exercise. Do not lift your legs up.

For performing the Crunch, all you have to do is raise your head and shoulders off from the ground, pushing the chest towards your hips. Your core should be tightened during the movement.

Remember to breathe while moving. Exhale when you lift your head and shoulders a few inches off the floor and inhale while coming back to the starting position. Perform 2-3 sets of the exercise

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