Technical information

> Size: 5.0 (L) x 4.0 (W) x 4.6 (H) Ft

> Weight stack: 80 kg

> Total weight: 92 kg approx

> Weight Stack Type: PVC

The Abdominal Machine from OnTrackYou Gym & Fitness brand is your ideal companion in sculpting and strengthening your core muscles effectively and safely. Designed with both power and user-friendliness in mind, this machine provides a comfortable and efficient way to achieve your fitness goals. 

Abb fitness machines primarily target the abdominal muscles, including the rectus abdominis (the “six-pack” muscles), obliques (side abdominal muscles), and transverse abdominis (deep core muscles). These machines are designed to help users strengthen and tone their core, promoting better stability, posture, and overall core strength.

The Abb Machine features sculpted back pads that allow for full muscular contraction, making each repetition count. Its dual-supported pivoting design encourages a natural abdominal motion, ensuring your workout is not only productive but also comfortable.

Remember to use proper form and perform these exercises as part of a well-rounded core workout routine. 

With OnTrackYou’s Ultra Abdominal Machine, you can achieve a strong and well-defined core with confidence and convenience. This machine combines power and user-friendly design to offer an exceptional way to target your abdominal muscles effectively.