Weightlifting Competition Plates – 2.5KG

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    • Specially designed for competitive-level weightlifting training
    • Certified training discs
    • Weightlifting training plates that are precisely calibrated for tight tolerance
    • Weight plates made following international standards and passed through rigorous testing for durable use
    •  Color-coding for easy identification
    • 5-year limited manufacturer warranty
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    The certified weight training competition plates from OnTrackYou ensures you train and perform well in your weightlifting workouts. You get the same feel and performance without any extra calibration require for competitive purpose. If you are an athlete looking for precision weight plates for Olympic training or any other competition training, these weightlifting training plates are for you.


    These weight training discs are designed and manufactured by following the IWF standards. The flange at the center allows you to load and unload the weight plates in your barbell or other weight training equipment smoothly and keeps them in place firmly, even during an intense high-rep training. Contact with our fitness experts today to know more about these workout plates and start your weight training today!

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