> Size: 3.9 (L) x 1.6 (W) x 2.2 (H) Ft

> Bench Weight: 54 Kg approx

> Padded leg support

> Stability handles

> Adjustable Positions: Incline, decline and flat


This abs bench gives you a smooth and effective workout which is specially designed to target your abdominal muscles and achieve your fitness goal with precision.

In Brief about gym bench:

* This fitness ab bench exercises work on our different muscles like the upper body including chest, shoulder and arms. You can also workout on a bench to perform push ups to prepare your upper body for exercise.

* You can see this abdominal bench in almost every gym for training because this exercise bench is a traditional and necessary product in the gym.

* This gym bench is easy to use and installed at the gym. You can easily adjust anywhere due to its compact size and also adjust in incline, decline and flat position.

* This is made of high duty material with powder coating finishing. It is a safe and durable bench for efficient workout at the gym and home.

* You can perform exercises like decline sit-ups, incline leg raise, and other exercises with dumbbells. You can perform exercises using different positions to increase difficulty workout.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of a dedicated abdominal bench. Whether you’re working towards six-pack abs or simply aiming to strengthen your core muscles, this bench offers the ideal platform for targeted ab workouts.

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