> Size: 7.9 (L) * 2.0 (W) * 3.6 (H)

> Weight capacity: 160Kg

> Product weight: 32Kg

> Usage: Gym and Home

> Display: LCD – Display Time, Distance and Calories.

> Resistance Type: Wind Resistance

Commercial Air Rower is the best cardio exercise machine that is perfect for anyone looking for indoor workout equipment. This air rowing machine uses wind resistance to give a challenging workout experience. It features 10 different resistance levels, so you can find more resistance by increasing each level.

Our air rowing machine comes with an LCD monitor that tracks your workout time, distance and calories burned. The rowing strap is made with a strong steel chain for a smooth and quiet pull. Footrests are adjustable with different levels to set every user’s exercise. The seat is made with high-quality material for comfort during a long-time rowing workout.

The folding air rower machine folds up easily for convenient storage. This versatile rowing machine has a compact design to fit in small spaces at home and gym. The air rower machine provides a great cardiovascular workout to strengthen upper body muscles.

Below are some of the best rowing exercises for home to start with:

* Bicep Curl:

The bicep curl workout with a rowing machine increases strength in the upper part of the arms while keeping the abdominal muscles tight. This exercise targets the arm muscles more than the back muscles.

* Arm Only Row: 

This rower machine exercises target abdominal and upper body muscles and best workout who start the rower exercise.

* High Row:  

These exercises focus on upper back and shoulder muscles and strengthen them.

* Reverse Overhead Row:       

It is targeted at abdominal muscles and shoulder muscles.

* Single Arm Row:    

This workout targets one side upper body muscles and it should be done in equal amounts on both sides of the body. This is the best rowing machine full-body workout to start the exercise.

Features and benefits of air rower workout:

1. Full body workout:                

Air rowing exercises target 80% of your body muscles, it’s a full-body workout machine. No need to spend time on different workout machines, this one machine targets different muscle groups with different exercises.

2. Appropriate for all skill levels:               

Whether you are a beginner or a professional trainer, you can start exercising easily with rowing machines.

3. Low Impact:               

Rather than the other cardio machines, the air rower gives low impact. So you can feel an injury-free workout without any extra pressure on your joints. However, it is still the best cardio equipment for calorie burn.

4. Flexible:               

The rowing machine offers a flexible workout at home. No worries you workout for  5 minutes or 30 minutes, this will increase your heart rate and provide good benefits of exercise.

Upgrade your home and gym with a new featured air rower machine to reach your fitness goal. Get the best budget air rower machine by OnTrackYou – a leading fitness brand in Bharat.

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