> Material: MS Steel with Chrome Coating

> Variation: 25 Kg total (12.5 kg on each hand)

> Type: Adjustable

> Adjustments: 1.5KG to 12.5 KG

> Usage: Ideal for home

DumFlex, our premium adjustable dumbbells, set the solution of buying more fixed dumbbells for beginner workout. These weight changeable dumbbells are designed to offer you a versatile and efficient workout experience without the need for an entire set of dumbbells in different variations.

This version of the DumFlex adjustable dumbbell set is incredibly versatile, with a weight range of up to 25 kg. It means you have a multiple weight plate range to adjust your weight lifting. You can adjust from 1.5 KG to 12.5 kg weights in one hand which is 25kg total weights on both sides.

Plates Details:

*  16 Weight Plates of 1.25KG Each

* 4 Weight Plates of 0.500KG Each

* 4 Safety Locks, 4 Master Locks

* 2 Rods of 1.50KG Each

Our home adjustable dumbbells are compact and easy to store, making them the ideal choice for home gyms with limited space. Switching between different weights is a breeze with DumFlex. The weight changeable dumbbells feature a quick and secure adjustment mechanism, so you can seamlessly transition from one exercise to the next, all in one set.

It is made with chrome-plated MS material for long lasting use. You can trust in the quality and robustness of these dumbbells to accompany you on your fitness journey for years to come. Our adjustable dumbbells are designed with knurling on handles for better grip.

You can workout using adjustable gym bench and also perform different exercises like:

* Snatches & rows

* Presses

* Biceps & triceps

* Shoulder workouts

* Chest workouts

* Squats

* And many more

These home dumbbells set the standard for versatile and efficient home workouts.

Order DumFlex adjustable dumbbells today and make your home workouts more efficient and effective than ever.