> Material: MS with powder coating 

> Pipe length: 24 cm

> Ideal for use of olympic barbell

> Handle Type: Fixed handle

OnTrackYou Landmine attachment is a versatile accessory that enables a broad spectrum of angled barbell training exercises. Increase the utility of your Barbell by combining it with your Gorilla Power Rack / Squat Stand.

Landmine attachment can be easily connected to rack uprights from the outside. A band peg easily lets you attach it in any of the holes on the rack at any height. The side mount keeps the attachment out of the way of any other work inside the rack.


* Diverse Workouts: Enjoy a variety of workouts, including landmine presses, rows, twists, and more, to target different muscle groups effectively.

* Improved Core Strength: Many landmine exercises engage your core, helping you develop core strength and stability.

* Enhanced Functional Strength: The swivel design adds an element of instability to your workouts, simulating real-world movements.

The Landmine Attachment from OnTrackYou is a dynamic tool for all fitness enthusiasts. Contact us for more details.