> Weight capacity: 160 Kg user weight

> Flywheel: 15Kg flywheel adjustable resistance

> Product weight: 37 Kg approx.

> Usage: Home and Gym both

> Special feature: Indoor exercise cycle

Unlock the true potential of your fitness journey with our Home Gym Spin Bike – a versatile and powerful stationary bike designed for cycling enthusiasts, gym owners, and families looking to enhance their well-being. A superb gym equipment providing a best workout experience.

Our spin bike delivers a dynamic and exhilarating exercise experience that’s perfect for everyone, from beginners to seasoned cyclists.

Our fitness bike has a fully adjustable seat and steering with effective resistance. It is designed with your home space in mind so our stationary bike is compact, ergonomic, and easy to fit in any room. It blends seamlessly into your home environment while providing you with a top-notch exercise session.

The main reason for indoor cycling is to lose weight and reduce belly fat to stay fit and in shape. It’s a calorie-burning machine, elevating your metabolism and helping you shed those extra pounds with each pedal stroke.

Encourage fitness within your family. Our spin bike provides a safe and enjoyable way for every family member to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Contact us today and make the most of our MADE IN INDIA Spin Bike Classic. Trust in OnTrackYou to deliver top-quality fitness solutions.