> Size: 4.0 (L) x 3.7 (W) x 6.8 (H) Ft

> Target Muscles: Upper & lower body

> Stations for Exercise: Squats, pull up bar

> Weight capacity: 200 – 300kg approx

> Machine Weight: 47Kg approx

OnTrackYou Squat Stand with Pull up Bar is a versatile piece of equipment that combines the functionality of a squat stand with the benefits of a standing pull-up bar, offering a comprehensive and challenging workout experience from the comfort of your home.

* Best Combo:

With our Squat Rack and Pull up Bar, you can enjoy the benefits of two essential exercises in one compact unit. Perform squats to target your lower body and switch to pull-ups and chin-ups for upper body strength and definition.

* Best Material:

This standing pull up bar is specially designed from mild steel with powder coating and featuring a wide base. The squat stand ensures stability during your workouts. You can confidently push your limits without wobbling or instability, making it a safe and reliable addition to your home gym.

* New Design:

The adjustable design of our pull up bar stand allows you to customize the height of the squat rack to suit your specific exercise and comfort needs. Whether you’re tall or short, this pull up stand accommodates a wide range of user heights and fitness levels.

* Moveable:

Our squat stand’s compact footprint ensures it won’t occupy much of your living space. When you’re not working out, it can be easily tucked away. Its portability allows you to take it outdoors for fresh-air workouts.

In addition to squats and pull-ups, you can use this stand for a variety of other exercises, such as push-ups, dips, and resistance band exercises. Its versatility adds a whole new dimension to your home workouts.

Enhance your physical strength, achieve your fitness goals, and elevate your workouts with the Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar. Contact us now.