> Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

> Dimension: 180 x 61

> Usage: Home and Commercial

> Size: 4mm, 6mm,…

At OnTrackYou, we understand the significance of a quality yoga mat in your journey to mindfulness, strength, and balance. Our premium Yoga Mat is meticulously designed to enhance your yoga practice, offering a comfortable and stable foundation for your daily routines.

We are offering high-quality yoga mats that meet the needs of both beginners and experienced yogis. Our mat is designed to elevate your practice, supporting your journey to inner peace and physical wellness.

Features of our best-selling Yoga mat:

* Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly TPE material, our mat is free from harmful chemicals, latex, and PVC, making it safe for you and the environment.

* Non-Slip Surface: The textured surface of the mat provides excellent grip and stability, even during sweaty sessions.

* Optimal Thickness: With a perfect balance of thickness, our mat offers cushioning for your joints while maintaining stability.

* Lightweight and Portable: The lightweight design and included carrying strap make it easy to transport and store.

* Easy to Clean: The closed-cell structure of the mat prevents moisture and bacteria from seeping in, making it easy to clean and maintain.


* Enhanced Comfort: Our yoga mat provides ample cushioning for your knees, elbows, and spine, allowing you to focus on your poses and alignment without discomfort.

* Non-Slip Performance: The textured surface offers a superior grip, ensuring your hands and feet stay in place during your practice.

* Eco-Friendly Choice: Made from eco-friendly materials, you can feel good about your choice to support both your health and the environment.

* Portability: With its lightweight design and included carrying strap, our mat is perfect for yogis on the go.

The OnTrackYou Commercial yoga mat is conveniently portable so you can take it anywhere. Non-absorbent you can take your floor routine to the max without worry. To buy any gym products contact us.