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Love is in the air as February is here. Lovers across the world are now on the hunt for the perfect gift for their beloved. Are you confused about what to get for your better half and stay on top of the game? Fret no longer, for we have got you covered.

The age of roses and chocolate for your valentine is outdated and overused. Let us get something healthy for your fitness freak to stay on track.

As the leading gym equipment manufacturer in India, OnTrackYou presents you with a wide variety of affordable and easy-to-use gym machines.
From Treadmills, exercise bikes, and power racks, the best valentine’s day gifts for her and valentine gifts for him are covered here to help you find the perfect surprise for the love of your life.

Top 3 Valentine Day Gift Ideas –Best Gift for Valentines

1. Power Rack

Valentine’s day is all about showing your partner that you care. And, what better way than gifting them a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to surprise someone pro at the art of bodybuilding, a power rack might be the way to go.

Here are some reasons as to why you should start browsing through the best power rack options:

With various adjustable grips, lifting mechanisms, and heavyweight options like bench press and squats this is a must-have for Cross fitters, weight lifters, and powerlifters.power-rack-specification-by-OnTrackYou

  • Easy-to-use Handles and Grips
  • Total upper body workout
  • Support mix and match workout routine
  • Safety tested types of equipment
  • Compact in Size
  • Perfect fit for your corner gym
  • Budget-friendly

With Power rack, you have various alternatives to pick and choose from, ranging from the basic models to the advanced types with various bells, catches, and pull-up mechanisms, this could truly enhance your fitness corner and give you similar vibes as a professional gym.

The power of exercise is in your strength and perseverance, and the first step- small or big, is pivotal in shaping your life. If you are just looking to get into good shape before the summer hits you with the latest fashion lighter and stamina-based gym pieces of equipment like the treadmill or spin bike might be ideal.

Options like treadmills offer the user choice between indoor or outdoor. OnTrackYou team ensures that all our pieces are delivered and assembled at your convenience, our garden gym selection has a wide variety of bike and treadmill collections that could be your perfect match for vigorous cardio while breathing in the fresh air within the safety of your compound.

Treadmill or Spin Bike?

The answer to this question lies in the user demands. Both are total body workouts intended to increase your endurance and stamina.

Find the pointers on both below to help you finalize between the two.

  1. Treadmill

  • Beginner Friendlytreadmill-for-home-valentine-gift-idea
  • Do not require professional assist
  • Jogging or running burns comparatively more calories in an hour
  • Effective cardio

The Covid-19 situation has altered our lives, and staying home is the new norm. This February could be the month you take serious resolutions in getting in shape while staying at home.

The great side of a treadmill is its portability and easy of use. You can quickly assemble the treadmills and start using within minutes.

  1. Spin Bike

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Customizable
  • Less space

Considering your partner has less space and time to spend, a Spin bike might prove as a useful option. They mainly come in two types: the upright bike, and the recumbent bike. The upright bike exercises your quads and leg muscles and is more effective in getting rid of that extra fat around your leg.


Another advantage of going with an exercise bike is the method. Multitasking is possible while biking on a spin bike. For all those busy techie valentine’s this might just be the solution to their fitness problems.

Perseverance is key when it comes to both relationship and fitness goals, Let’s kick start the year with a wonderful gift to your soulmate that will help in their journey to better themselves.

We help you in regaining the feel of going to the gym at your doorsteps, the roses might wither away, and the chocolate might melt before February is up. But this well-wrapped present will make you stay fresh and alive in their memories and hearts for a long time.


Valentine’s week is started already. Don’t waste time and choose the best valentine’s gift TODAY.

We at OnTrackYou pride ourselves in providing customizable options as per your fitness goals. We understand that each relationship and couples are unique, and so are your preferences, our machines are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology and safety tested to certify 100 percent customer satisfaction. Contact us now to get the best valentine’s gift for him or her and celebrate love and fitness together.