Mandip Pandya

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It is not necessary to describe the routine of today’s school children. We all see them struggling and competing in the academic world. But in this scenario what the students are gaining is an unhealthy body and we all know that an unhealthy or unfit body leads to unhealthy mind.

Definitely no one would like to see their children just growing unhealthy. Students are highly absorbing during their school age, be it study, games, music or arts school students tend to develop high interest and learn flexibly then compared to college students. Therefore, schools have incorporated fitness class for better development of the students. A healthy physique development leads to activeness, better immune and mind development. We at On track You is considered as the trusted name in the Fitness manufacturer in Gujarat. By considering the importance of health in school students our Fitness Equipment built with international standards in economical prices have set a new standard in the word of Fitness.

Establishing a healthy lifestyle is important for people of any age, but it can be hard for students who must cope with a variety of different time crunches and stresses for the first time. For example, most students will have to learn how to live away from home, make new friends and how to study effectively. Student health can often become of secondary importance in this situation. Not only is exercise for students important for overall health, but it is also thought to be able to increase learning abilities and concentration. Which is why an exercise routine that includes cardiovascular exercise should be used on a regular basis.

Thus, On Track You provides an exciting package of Fitness for school students at an affordable range. The package includes:
Exercise Bike
Weight Plate
Peck Fly
Shoulder Press
Dumbbells Stand
Flat Bench with Support
Plate Loaded
Essential Stepper
The above complete package starts just at Rs. 2,99,000/- only. We understand the necessity of being healthy and therefore without costing much we tend to bring exciting offers and sale of gym equipment as well. We define our equipment, its functions and design in the most user-friendly way which are superior in performance. Not just looks and design, the mechanism and skillful function is what defines us trustworthy and unique in the world of Fitness. With the assistance of our skilled professionals, we at On Track You are manufacturer, supplier and distributor of Fitness Equipment in Gujarat.

Being a unit of Fitness manufacturer, we believe in both ethics and values of health. We understand the fitness necessity of a school student and therefore not only Fitness and Gym equipment, but we provide a healthy lifestyle to the students. We know how vital is the age of a student and therefore we at On Track You value their fitness regime.