Horse Rider outdoor

> Heavy steel gauge equipment

> Suitable for all ages.

> Extra string grip pads


What better way to enact a fairytale than riding off to the sunset on a horse? Look no more! The OnTrackYou Horse Rider is a tried and tested outdoor gym equipment for getting kids of all ages active and engaged. This exercise machine is most suited for outdoor parks, children’s play areas, and school recreational parks.

The gym machine is equipped with oversized padding to ensure comfort and safety for both young and older riders. The rocking sensation makes it a fun play-mate, while the energy required to push the foot paddles down transforms it into a full-body workout.

Our outdoor exercise machine is different because we concentrate on delivering the best of the industry right to your doorsteps. The Horse Rider can be easily assembled at home with the instruction provided by our expert team. What makes us one of the leading outdoor gym equipment manufacturers in the country? Well, the attention to detail and safety, along with intense workout regimes delivers the money worth to the customer.

Horse Rider can be used as a fun item at a park to engage your child while out for a stroll, or it can be integrated into your workout routine to feel young at heart. All the while crushing some much-required calories. Highly recommended for kids to help them stay active while letting their imagination run wild.