> Heavy steel gauge equipment

> Suitable for all ages.

> Extra string grip pads


The Horse rider equipment provides the full body workout and the whole body get the fitness ability. This outdoor equipment is effective in building stamina and the balance of the body is also maintained. Horse rider outdoor gym equipment is demanded in the outdoor and indoor gyms.

Product Details:

* Built to Withstand the Outdoors: Our Horse Rider Outdoor Machine is constructed to endure the toughest outdoor conditions.

* Rust-Resistant Finish: The machine features a high-quality, rust-resistant finish, ensuring its longevity.

* User-Friendly Assembly: Enjoy a straightforward setup with all necessary components and instructions provided.

* Ergonomic Design: Designed for maximum comfort, this machine offers an ergonomic and enjoyable workout experience.

The gym machine is equipped with oversized padding to ensure comfort and safety for both young and older riders. The rocking sensation makes it a fun play-mate, while the energy required to push the foot paddles down transforms it into a full-body workout.


* Outdoor Fitness Experience: Enjoy your exercise routine while savouring the great outdoors.

* Full-Body Workout: Our Horse Rider targets multiple muscle groups, ensuring a comprehensive workout with every ride.

* Cardiovascular Health: Enhance your heart health and boost your endurance through the rhythmic motion.

* Low Impact: This machine provides a low-impact exercise, making it gentle on the joints while offering excellent fitness results.

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