Leg Press Machine for Strength Training Workouts – Outdoor Gym Setup

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    • Steel-made heavy-gauge equipment
    • Features two positions each, with a different level of resistance
    • Oversized seating pads for comfort
    • UV Resistive paints
    • EMI option available
    • All India delivery
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    To skip a leg day is to forgo your entire routine. The leg press is one of those exercises that bring your routine to a balance with ample focus on the legs. It involves some of the most powerful parts of the muscular system and helps in developing stability and agility along with aiding the natural growth of lower limbs.

    OnTrackYou is among the best outdoor Gym equipment manufacturers, and we concentrate on customer satisfaction. The equipment can be fixed in your favourite garden gym by our crew as per your requirement and budget. In this post-Covid world, staying home is the new healthy routine. We help by giving you the complete professional workout experience right in your backyard by setting up your perfect home gym.

    With a fully extended leg, push your toes to the given platform and bring yourself away from the machine using force. These pushes will work your quadriceps and hips, strengthening your main joints. It has to be done in repetitive sets of 10, 15, or more based on your level of endurance and confidence.

    Our leg press machine has a simple design and hence eliminates all the confusion regarding the working and movement of the equipment. This easy-to-use style caters to professionals and beginners alike.

    Get fit with the best gym equipment provider in India. Press hard to learn more. Fitness is just one press away.


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