> Size: 6.7 (L) x 5.0 (W) x 5.0 (H)

> Weight Capacity: 300 – 350 Kg

> Product Weight: 175 Kg

> Seat: Adjustable

> Material: MS with powder coating finish

Experience an all-in-one leg workout solution with our Leg Press with Hack Squat Machine which is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our Leg Press/Hack Squat combo offers a comprehensive leg workout in a compact space at the gym or home.

Key Features:

(1) Flexible:-

             Our machine offers you the flexibility to perform various squat and lunge variations. The extra-large foot platform and footrest for single-leg use give you the freedom to switch up your leg day routine.

(2) Easy Workout:-

             With an extensive load range and elastic band anchors for loading and deloading, you can easily adapt the resistance to meet your fitness goals.

(3) Focus on target:-

             Unlike other machines, our Hack Squat Machine leg press focuses on a linear press training motion for a unique and comprehensive leg workout.

(4) Smooth and adjustable:

              Linear bearings on guide rods provide an incredibly smooth motion and easy flip-in and out racking handles allow you to set your preferred start and stop positions.

The OnTrackYou Leg Press with Hack Squat Machine makes the best use of even a small workout system with its high angle frame design and a quick arrangement for switching between the leg press and hack squat exercises.

This powerful leg press has a massive weight rating making it more than capable of helping you in weight training peaks and Suitable for home or commercial gym settings for strength training. Contact us for more details on leg press and hack squat machine and other strength equipment.