> Size: 6.8 (L) x 7.25 (W) x 7.2 (H) Ft

> Machine Weight: 282 Kg approx.

> Weight Stack: 80Kg 

> Usage/Application: Gym

> Weight Stack Type: Metal

Functional Trainer with Pec deck fly and smith machine allows you to perform all exercise in one gym machine. OnTrackYou offers you the innovative design of a functional trainer with two major machine attachments for a wide range of exercises in just one multigym exercise machine.

This strength equipment is made from heavy MS material finishing with powder coating for long lasting durability.

The multifunctional trainer with pec fly and smith machine is ideal for barbell exercises because it allows you to rack the bar at any point during practice. For those who exercise alone, this feature offers excellent safety. The smith machine also has two safety catch arms for additional support.

Exercises and muscles focused:

* Cable Crossover: This exercise targets your pectoral muscles delivering a complete chest workout.

* Lat Pulldown: It is strong in your biceps and back muscles.

* Leg Extensions: Leg extensions concentrate on the quadriceps, helping you build powerful leg muscles.

* Pec Deck Fly: With the Pec Deck Fly, isolate and define your pectoral muscles for a sculpted chest.

* Smith Machine: Enhance your strength training with the Smith Machine, allowing you to perform a wide range of compound exercises safely.

To know how a functional trainer with pec deck fly and smith machine works and to know about the best functional trainer price, contact us today.