> Material: Heavy duty MS

> Type: Vertical

> Hold Barbells: 10 Barbell holder

> Colour: Black

The Gym Rod Stand is designed to hold your barbells and rods in a neat and organized manner. Its simple yet effective design allows you to easily store and access your equipment. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast working out at home or a gym owner looking to maintain a clean and orderly workout space, this rod stand is an essential addition to your fitness arsenal.


* Space Optimization: Say goodbye to a cluttered workout area. The Gym Rod Stand efficiently stores your barbells, clearing up valuable floor space for your exercises and movements.

* Enhanced Safety: With your barbells securely stored on the stand, the risk of tripping over loose equipment is significantly reduced, ensuring a safer workout environment.

* Prolonged Equipment Life: By preventing your barbells from rolling on the ground or colliding with other equipment, this stand helps protect your investment, ensuring your rods and barbells last longer.

* Easy Access: The stand’s design allows for quick and convenient access to your barbells, so you can transition between different weights and exercises seamlessly.

* Organization: Keep your workout area tidy and organized, making it easier to focus on your fitness routine without distractions.

Invest in our Gym Rod Stand and experience the convenience and safety of a well-organized workout space. Contact us for more gym accessories.