> Size: 4.4 (L) x 4.0 (W) x 5.9 (H) Ft

> Combo: Adjustable bench and squat rack

> Machine weight: 130 Kg approx

> 10 gauge frame thickness

> Usage/Application: Gym

OnTrackYou Bench Press Rack is a great combination of adjustable bench with barbell rack to perform various bench press with weight lifting exercises. Our Bench Press and Squat Rack is a versatile piece of fitness equipment designed to elevate your strength training routines.

This gym equipment is designed with robust material of Mild Steel finishing with powder coating as requirement of your long lasting use in the gym. Its 10 gauge heavy frame makes it durable and safe for users.

This chest press rack is designed to help athletes during squat workouts, with the help of a squat rack you can do more different exercises like- Shoulder press, Back press, Back squats, Barbell lunges, Deadlift, Overhead press.

Benefits of Exercises:

* Strength Gains: Targeted exercises on the Bench Press Rack lead to increased muscular strength.

* Muscle Development: Isolate specific muscle groups for sculpted and well-defined results.

* Versatility: This rack enables a wide range of exercises, maximizing your workout potential.

* Compact Design: Ideal for home gyms and commercial facilities, it doesn’t occupy much space.

This bench press rack with weights and bar popular heavy duty Adjustable Bench Press Rack is a highly versatile piece of fitness equipment. For inquiries, product details, and pricing, contact us now.