Technical information

> Size: 3.0(L) x 16.0(W) x 7.0(H) Ft

> Weight stack: 80 kg

> Total weight: 290 kg approx

> Weight Stack Type: PVC

Unleash the full potential of your strength training with the OnTrackYou Cable Crossover Gym Equipment.

The OnTrackYou Cable Crossover Gym Equipment designed with precision and built for durability, this versatile machine is your key to achieving your fitness goals effectively.

It is made from high material of MS with powder coating finishing gives durability, versatility and heavy gauge frame safety. The pipe size is 50x50x2 mm which is the best quality for your long journey of your workout.

Our Cable Crossover features a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly blends into any gym environment. With two Adjustable Pulleys, each equipped with its independent weight stack, you’ll enjoy unparalleled flexibility.

This machine boasts dual adjustable pulleys, allowing you to target different muscle groups with ease. Whether you’re working on the chest, arms, shoulders, or legs, customization is at your fingertips.

Some exercises you can perform with this standing cable crossover:

* Cable fly: Targets the inner chest and promotes muscle hypertrophy. You use a cable machine to pull handles or cables towards each other in front of your body.

* Chest press: Pull both cable handles toward each other for an exercise that’s a bit like a dumbbell fly.

* Chest dips: Activates multiple muscle groups in the chest, arms, shoulders, and back.

* Resistance band crossover: You use power bands and wrap the resistance band around a sturdy object at roughly chest height.

Take your workouts to new heights with the multi-angle pull-up bar, designed for a perfect grip. Whether you’re targeting your upper body or working on your back muscles, this addition ensures a comprehensive workout.