> Material: Cast iron

> Finishing: Powder coating

> Available sizes: 2,4,6,8, upto 40Kg

> Usage/Appication: Gym

> EMI Through Credit Cards, Bajaj EMI Available

Let’s Swing, Squat, Deadlift!!!

Cast iron kettlebells are manufactured with solid iron material by the casting process giving you the best finishing, durable and precise weightlifting kettlebell for gym workouts.

Our kettlebells offer a powder coating finishing to all ranges of weight sets. The smooth finishing and high quality feel great in your hand grip for various workouts like strength, cardio or balance.

Why cast iron material


>> Cast iron material are made from high quality iron it gives the tough competition for kettlebell workout. These kettlebells have superior weight-distribution.

>> This is the budget-friendly kettlebell. The density of cast-iron material is higher, so it cast-iron is compact kettlebell then other material kettlebell.

Quality Assurance Kettlebell



*  Because of the tough material of cast iron, these kettlebells are durable and can withstand wear and tear. They are popular in home gym because they are in budget for small home gym setup.

*  These are the best kettlebells finished with a protective powder coat that helps prevent rust and gives a good grip for exercises of kettlebells. The smoother finishing gives a comfortable workout experience to hold kettlebell long time.

*  Cast iron material helps to prevent deformation, so that the cast iron kettlebell maintain their shape after years of rigorous workout.

Exercises with kettlebell:

You can perform a full-body workout with the best cast iron kettlebell. Various kettlebell exercises target your different body muscles. A list of kettlebell exercises is below:

1. Goblet Squat

2. Kettlebell Swing

3. Kettlebell Press

4. Kettlebell deadlift

5. Kettlebell bent row

6. Kettlebell twist

7. Kettlebell halo

8. Kettlebell press

9. And many exercises you can perform with kettlebell.

Benefits of kettlebell training


* Kettlebell training target many muscles including arms, leg, shoulder, back, abs. You can say it covers full body muscles for strength training.

* One of the benefit of kettlebell workout is it gives cardiovascular training. It makes your heart beat faster and pump up the blood circulation.

* Kettlebell exercises strengthen the muscles and bones too.

* These exercises of kettlebell improves your posture and helps in balance.

* Kettlebell workout burns calories quickly.

* Kettlebell training helps in reduce stress, improve mental health and feel energetic.


Features of cast iron kettlebell


>> Superior powder coating finishing durable kettlebell.

>> It contains flat base to maintain stability.

>> Its handle surface is matte black finish for secured grip.

>> Color coded marking on handle for easily identify

>> Variation of sizes


If you are looking for an Olympic kettlebell for beginner, you are at right place. Our black iron kettlebell give the best experience of kettlebell training.

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