> Size: 4.2 (L) x 3.7 (W) x 5.75 (H) Ft

> Machine Weight: 210 Kg approx.

> Weight Capacity: 100 – 150 Kg

> Weight Stack: 80Kg

> Type: Metal Stacks

* Here Is a combo of two machines: Leg curl and leg extension

* Target muscle: Hamstrings, calf muscles, glutes, quads, and Quadriceps

* Level: Beginner to Pro.

The OnTrackYou Leg curl Leg extension machine helps you to strengthen leg muscles. Designed for those who demand the best, this versatile machine is a combo of leg extensions and leg curls for a comprehensive lower-body workout.

Our leg curl extension fitness equipment is made from high-quality MS materials for worry-free, long lasting workout experiences. This sitting leg curl gym machine features an ergonomically designed seat and easily adjustable settings, ensuring a personalized workout that supports your body’s natural movements. The well-padded leg rollers keep you snug during leg curls, even during intense sets.

Experience smooth, controlled motion thanks to precision bearings and a gliding mechanism that minimizes wobbling. This accuracy empowers you to target your leg muscles effectively and safely. Designed with your comfortable workout in mind, it offers professional-grade leg workouts without taking up excessive space. Its compact footprint makes it perfect for home or commercial gyms with limited room.

Try this one of the best workout gym equipment to strengthen leg muscle. Also check out other exercise equipment and contact for the right quote.