> Size: 0.75 (L) x 2.5 (W) x 1.8 (H) Ft

> Type: Small dumbbells rack

> Material: MS with powder coating

> Usage: Home

OnTrackYou Dumbbells Rack is an innovative storage solution for our home gym organization. This compact, stylish, and highly functional rack is designed to enhance your home fitness space.

Key Features:

* Space-Saving Design: Our Dumbbell Rack for Home is perfect for those who want a clutter-free workout space. It’s compact, taking up minimal space in your home, yet it provides a designated area for your dumbbells.

* Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality, MS steel, our rack ensures your weights are safely stored and ready for your daily fitness regimen.

* Stylish Aesthetics: We understand that your home gym is a reflection of your personal style. Our rack complements your home decor, adding both functionality and aesthetics.


* Enhanced Organization: Our rack offers a tidy, organized solution to keep your workout area safe and clutter-free.

* Quick Access: With your dumbbells neatly stored in this rack, you’ll always have quick access to the weights you need, ensuring a seamless workout experience.

* Motivating Environment: An organized workout space can increase motivation. Your home gym will be a place where you feel inspired to work out and achieve your fitness goals.

It’s perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all levels who want to enjoy convenient and well-organized workouts in the comfort of their own space. Contact us to learn more about our Dumbbell Rack for Home.