> Designed for Barbell Racking

> Material: MS

> Rack and bar knurling are protected by polyethylene coating

> Durable powder coat finish and strong steel tubing

J-Cups are strong enough to handle the maximum weight you can lift, while it is featured thick on all sides (back & clasp), which protects your bar’s Knurl & finish as well as the Upright of your rack from scratches.

Our J-Cup Arm Attachment is fully adjustable, allowing you to set the perfect height for your barbell. It is made with top-quality materials, these attachments are built to withstand rigorous use and heavy weights.


* Maximize Safety: Rest assured that your barbell is securely held in place, preventing any unexpected slips or mishaps during your lifts.

* Optimal Performance: Achieve your lifting goals with confidence, knowing that your equipment can handle the heaviest weights.

* Versatile Training: Whether you’re performing squats, bench presses, or any other compound movement, our J-Cup Arm Attachment ensures your training remains versatile and efficient.

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