> Material: MS with powder coating

> Exercises: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps

> Machines: Power rack, cable machines, functional trainers, and Smith machines

> Allows a full 180-degree arc for the arms movement

The Jammer Arm Attachments is an innovative piece of gym equipment which is designed to intensify your upper body workouts, adding versatility and targeting multiple muscle groups.  

This attachment is mostly attached with Power Rack to build explosive upper body strength by performing jammer presses, engaging your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Strengthen your core muscles and oblique with controlled twisting movements while using the Jammer Arm Attachment.

Key Features:

* Robust Construction: Crafted from durable materials, our Jammer Arm Attachment ensures longevity, even through rigorous workouts.

* Versatile Design: Compatible with a variety of gym machines, including cable machines, functional trainers, and Smith machines, the Jammer Arm Attachment lets you add another layer to your training regimen.

* Ergonomic Efficiency: The attachment’s ergonomic design guarantees comfort during your workouts, allowing you to focus on building strength without compromising form.

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