> Grip Type: Knurled

> Weight capacity: 300 Kg approx

> Material: Iron

> Handle shape: Diamond type

Maximize your upper back workouts with OnTrackYou’s Hex Trap Bar. Revolutionize your deadlifts, breaking free from traditional straight bars. Enhance your training with our innovative hexagonal design, delivering unparalleled freedom of movement.


* Enhanced Mobility: Enjoy increased mobility during deadlifts, allowing for a natural and comfortable range of motion. The hexagonal shape provides a unique and versatile lifting experience.

* Versatility Unleashed: Experience a different stimulus than a standard barbell. Our Hex Barbell offers great versatility, making it a valuable addition to your gym arsenal for exercises like shrugs, rows, farmers walk, plyometric deadlifts, step-ups, and more.

* Stress-Free Triceps: Take the stress off your triceps with our ergonomically designed Trap Bar. It allows for a more comfortable grip, ensuring you can focus on optimizing your deadlifts without unnecessary strain.

* Upper Back Intensity: This Shrug Bar is designed to intensify your upper back workouts, providing the freedom of movement lacking in a straight bar deadlift.

* Creative Applications: Get creative with your exercises. The OnTrackYou Trapezius Bar is not limited to deadlifts; it opens the door to a variety of movements, allowing you to diversify your training routine.

Especially beneficial for beginners or those with mobility issues, our Hex Trap Bar allows for increased loading in deadlifts, making it an ideal choice for individuals overcoming challenges in straight-bar deadlifts.

Whether you’re an athlete, recreational lifter, or someone exploring non-barbell sports, the OnTrackYou Hex Trap Bar is designed to provide all the benefits of a deadlift without the learning curve associated with traditional straight-bar deadlifts.

Invest in the OnTrackYou Hex Trap Bar and take your deadlifts to new heights. Grow your upper back workouts, experience unmatched versatility, and enjoy stress-free tricep engagement. For inquiries and orders, contact us now.