Roller – outdoor gym equipment

> 2-way mechanism

> Minimum space required for installation

> Features adjustable positions for comfortable workouts

> Ideal for elderly people 


An easy and simple way to release your overworked and tired muscles. The Roller Back Massage machine is a must-have in any home gym or outdoor gym to help you relax and reorganize after a stressful day at work.

OnTrackYou’s outdoor gym equipment are made of top-notch materials with the user’s comfort and usability in mind, making us one of the leading gym equipment manufacturers in the country. This particular machine is designed to give you an after-massage effect and a low-intensity muscle workout for your lower body and back.

You need to rest your back against the roller and slowly rotate your upper body left and right. Then move on to the second part, rest your back against the roller support yourself with the handles and lower your body slowly and come back up. The movements must be paced, slow and deliberate to avoid any muscle cramps. Doing this as a part of your warm-up / Cooldown routine or in sets of 10 is highly advised. You can increase the duration as you progress on the machine.

The roller back massage equipment is built with strained muscles in mind and hence offers a sweat-resistant grip and rollers to make it easy for post-workout cleanup and hygiene maintenance. The size of the gym machine is on the smaller side and can be fit perfectly into that useless corner in your house or gym for an advanced professional gym lookout.

Make your mind and connect with our team to know more and book this amazing garden gym machine today!