Rower outdoor gym Setup

> Adjustable intensity levels

> Made of safety-tested materials

> Handles made of user-friendly grips

> Advisable for ages 15 and above

> Suitable for both HIIT and LISS

> All India delivery

> EMI available for purchase

OnTrackYou is aimed at giving you a full-body workout at a budget-saving cost with an elegant and improved version of the rower machine. This Outdoor gym equipment features four strong legs with a cupping system for added stability, ensuring your safety on the machine.

For all those gym enthusiasts out there vying to spend a day kayaking or rowing, this is a perfect alternative to spend the day without getting splashed at. The rower provides an intense workout by concentrating on the arms, upper body and abdominal muscles. Despite the cardiovascular routine, the machine can also be used as a part of your warm-up or cool-down session.

We continuously bring novelty in the field by designing our machines to suit both a professional and a newbie. Hence, making it approachable for all those aiming to get fit, regardless of their age, gender or experience. The simple and easy-to-use mechanisms help the first-timers to navigate their way around the exercise machine. While the heavy steel gauge with extra intense levels makes it a refreshing challenge for the fitness buffs.

The exercise can be incorporated into your daily HIIT -High-Intensity Interval Training routine by amping up the intensity or simply by beginning or ending with the machine to give your body the required composure.

Row to fitness, let’s get rowing, HIIT Training at home.