> Improve abdominal muscles

> Two distinct positions 

> Powder coating thickness

> Metal Parts Proceeded Through Special Process

> Security and Environmental Friendly.


OnTrackYou Sit-up Board is an ideal choice for school age children and young adults, but can be used by anyone seeking these specifications. Sit Up strengthens the abdominal muscles as well as the hip and upper thigh flexor muscles.

Our outdoor equipment is crafted for performance and durability, this exceptional equipment enhances your core strength, turning your outdoor gym into a powerhouse of fitness innovation.

Exercises and Target Muscles:

The Sit Up Board is designed for core exercises, effectively targeting the abdominal muscles. Sit-ups, leg raises, and other abdominal workouts can be performed to strengthen your core.


The Sit Up Board is your gateway to sculpting a strong and toned core. Its user-friendly design allows you to perform sit-ups and abdominal exercises effortlessly while enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

On the Sit-up Board, there are two distinct positions: one with the feet down and one with the feet up, held under the support bar. Board works out your entire core muscle group.


* Outdoor Core Conditioning: Take your core workouts outdoors to relish the stimulating surroundings.

* Strengthen the Core: Develop a robust core with exercises that target your abdominal muscles.

* Versatile Training: Besides sit-ups, you can perform a variety of core exercises, promoting overall fitness.

* Durable Construction: Built to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring long-lasting use.

* Enhanced Comfort: The ergonomic design ensures your workouts are comfortable and effective.

* Suitable for All Fitness Levels: Perfect for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

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