> Size: 4.4 (L) x 6.1 (W) x 6.7 (H) Ft

> Machine weight: 125 Kg approx

> Weight capacity: 200-250 Kg

> Usage/Application: Gym and Home

Our Commercial Smith Machine is the pinnacle of fitness equipment, designed to enhance your workout routines to the next level. This Smith Machine offers versatility, safety and efficiency, ensuring a well-rounded fitness experience.

This smith machine specially used for squat workout is smartly designed with MS material with powder coating finishing for long lasting durability. It is constructed with 96x48x2 pipe size for lifetime safety workout.

Design of smith machine:

The big rack is specially designed to hold the barbell in place on a vertical plane. The frame even includes a peg to lock the bar into a specific place for lifters to squat in rack at specific pause. This exercise to hold the barbell and hold it up-down position is called a smith machine.

Exercises with Smith machine:

* You can perform various types of exercises with a smith machine. One of the main ones is Squat.

The others are Bench press, Incline press, Shoulder press, Upright rows, Bent over rows, Pull-ups, Shrugs, Deadlifts, Tricep dips.

These exercises, performed on the Commercial Smith Machine home gym, provide a comprehensive full-body workout, making it a valuable addition to any gym or home gym setup. The guided barbell track ensures safe and controlled movements during each exercise.

Target muscles:

The Commercial Gym Smith Machine allows you to target multiple muscle groups with precision. Its exercises encompass various areas, with a primary focus on:

* Quadriceps and Hamstrings: Execute squats and leg press exercises for comprehensive lower body development.

* Chest and Triceps: Engage in bench presses, incline presses, and tricep dips to build upper body strength.

* Back and Biceps: Perform rows and pull-ups for a well-defined back and biceps.

* Shoulders: Elevate your shoulder workout with shoulder presses, shrugs, and upright rows.

Features of this Machine:

* Safe and Guided Movement: The Smith Machine’s guided barbell track ensures controlled and safe lifting, reducing the risk of injury.

* Space-Efficient: Ideal for commercial gyms and home gyms, it maximizes workout space.

* Durable Build: Crafted from MS material and a protective powder coating, the machine guarantees durability and longevity.

* Versatile Workouts: A wide range of exercises caters to all muscle groups, providing a comprehensive fitness experience.

* Commercial-Grade: Designed for heavy, frequent use, it’s the perfect choice for commercial gym owners.

Elevate your fitness facility or home gym with our best Commercial Smith Machine. For inquiries, product details, and pricing, reach out to us today.