> Weight Capacity: 150-180Kg user weight

> Flywheel: 17Kg Flywheel Adjustable Resistance

> Product weight: 52Kg approx

> Usage: Home Users

> Special Feature: Indoor Cardio Workout

Indoor workout feel outdoor cycling!!!

Not able to go at gym??? No worry… OnTrackYou offer a new spin bike with 17kg flywheel adjustable resistance for home workout. It gives the same look same feature like heavy duty gym exercise cycle.

Those who are heavy weight feel ashamed to go at gym must go with our best cardio workout cycle for weight loss or to fulfil your fitness goal. It is best home exercise bike with gym cycle features.

It consist 17Kg of flywheel with adjustable resistance level which is perfect for home workout bike. You can get the benefit of adjustable seat in 4 direction and handle in 2 direction.

Unique characteristics:

* Durable for home: This exercise cycle is made with heavy material like gym cycle for heavy weight users at home. This is the best stationary bikes for home.

* Adjustable Seat: You can adjust seat in 4 direction up and down and front and back.

* Adjustable Handle: You can adjust handle in 2 direction up and down as per user comfort.

* Adjustable resistance: You can adjust the resistance level up or down depends your strength. For more effective workout increase level.

* Locked Footstrap: The pedal contains the lock footstrap for comfortable pedalling and you can increase your speed without worry.

* Attractive look: The best part is the look of our spin bike. The black smooth finish shining look encourage to more workout at home.

* Emergency Break: You can feel injury-free workout by using break knob for emergency stop.

Let’s see some benefits of cardio exercises:

1. Weight Loss

2. Calories burn and belly fat

3. Enjoy low-impact workout

4. Targets lower and leg muscles

5. Improve mental health

6. Better Sleep

7. Reduced risk of disease

8. Reduced risk of heart disease

9. Stress remove and improve mood

10. Indoor cycling safe than road cycling

OnTrackYou is a leading fitness brand in India of all gym equipment. We are proud to offer competitive pricing for our best exercise cycle for home. Contact now.