> Variations: 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 7.5, 10, up to 50Kg available

> Material: Pure metal with rubber coating (precise knurling)

> Type: Fixed Weight

> Shape: Hexagon

> Usage: Ideal for home and gym both

> Offer: Special Discount on Bulk order

Have you ever try hex dumbbells design like barbells – straight and knurled?

Try from us. We have this.

Fully knurled design will give you a top level workout experience. OnTrackYou hexagon dumbbells are coming with a new design to enhance your fitness level. This hex dumbbell eliminates the limitation of half knurling handle to hold compulsory between the rod.

You can use the full dumbbell rod to lift the dumbbells for dumbbell press. This type of knurling provides the user better contact between your palms and handle without slippery. The deep knurling prevents you from sweat during working out in summer. Better grip means you can workout with confidence during the lifts.

The robust construction of rubber coated hex dumbbells and rubber coating with perfection make the product durable and versatile for home gym users. Whether you’re a passionate youth on a journey to sculpt your body, a dedicated gym trainer shaping the fitness dreams of others, or a seasoned weightlifter seeking to push your boundaries, our Rubber Hex Dumbbells are the cornerstone of your success.

Features of hex dumbbells for home gym:

1. Robust Construction: OnTrackYou’s dumbbells are crafted with metal material with proper welding with rod. It is coating with the rubber to maintain durability and safety of users.

2. Straight handle: The bended rod look pretty but sometimes it slippery when you hold by side. Straight rod dumbbells are gives you perfect grip and stability during the whole workout session.

3. Fully knurled rod: You can enjoy the workout in hot days too. It prevents from sweating on palms. This features makes the best dumbbells for home workout.

4. Heavy rubber coating: Our hexa dumbbell set are made up with rubber coating. Rubber coating dumbbells are characteristics by no odour which keeps you away from sniffing typical rubber while exercise.

5. No rolling on floor: The standard design of hexagon dumbbells are known for its shape. Dumbbells are not rolled on floor.

6. Safe and versatile: Due to the rubber coating you feel injury-free workout. Rubber coating not damage the floor while it accidently fallen. The rubber dumbbell set are suitable for full body workout at home and gym.

Whether you are a professional or beginner try our best dumbbells for home gym workout. We specially design 1kg and 2kg of women hex dumbbells for aerobics and physiotherapist.

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