> Weight Capacity: 200-250Kg user weight 

> Flywheel: 30Kg Flywheel resistance

> Product Weight: 120Kg approx

> Fully adjustable Seat and Handle

> Driven as a belt, effectively controls the noise.

> Emergency breaks with simple push of the knob

Our spinning bike is crafted from high-quality metal material, ensuring durability and long-lasting use even in the most rigorous gym environments. Specifically designed for gyms, this heavy-duty exercise cycle is built to withstand the demands of frequent use, making it an essential addition to any fitness facility.

Equipped with a heavy flywheel and adjustable resistance, our spin bike provides a challenging yet smooth riding experience. Its heavy weight adds stability, while its attractive design enhances the aesthetic appeal of any gym space.

Key Features:

* Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted from durable metal material for long-lasting use in gym environments.

* Specifically Designed for Gyms: Engineered to withstand the rigors of frequent use, ensuring durability and reliability.

* Heavy Flywheel with Adjustable Resistance: Provides a smooth riding experience with customizable resistance levels for varied intensity workouts.

* Stable and Attractive Design: Heavy weight adds stability while the sleek design enhances the aesthetic appeal of any gym space.

With its heavy-duty build and sleek design, our spinning bike not only enhances the functionality of your gym but also elevates its overall appearance. Invest in quality equipment that not only delivers exceptional performance but also enhances the ambiance of your fitness space.

Ready to give an exciting look to your gym with our top-of-the-line spinning bike? 

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