Technical information

> Size: 4.7 (L) x 2.0 (W) x 4.1 (H) Ft

> Weight capacity: 200 – 250 KG

> Total weight: 64 kg approx

> Material: Mild Steel

Our Twister Gym Machine is your key to building a strong and stable core while enhancing your overall fitness. This versatile machine offers a range of features to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively and comfortably.

The compact design ensures it fits into any workout space, and the comfortable footpads provide stability during your workouts. Designed to target your core muscles and enhance your balance, this versatile piece of equipment is a game-changer for your fitness routine.

The Twister Gym Machine offers a full 360-degree range of motion, allowing you to engage your core from every angle. It’s a dynamic experience that adds excitement to your workouts.


* Rotational Exercise: Target your core muscles, including obliques and lower back, for improved strength, stability, and flexibility.

* Adjustable Resistance: Customize the intensity of your workouts, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

* Compact Design: Fits perfectly into home gyms and small workout spaces.

* Comfortable Footpads: Non-slip foot pads ensure stability and safety during rotations.

* Durable Construction: Built to last with high-quality materials.

* Versatile Exercise Options: Engage your upper and lower body for a comprehensive workout experience.

Discover a new dimension of fitness and supercharge your workouts with the OnTrackYou Twister Stand. Enhance your coordination, balance, and agility while strengthening your core muscles. To inquire or place an order for the Twister Gym Machine, please contact us.