> Size: 3.2 (L) x 1.6 (W) x 3.2 (H) Ft

> Usage: Gym/Studio

> Machine weight: 17 Kg approx

> Weight capacity: 300 – 350 Kg

Utility Bench the versatility and functionality of an essential addition to any gym or home workout space. It is made from heavy MS material with a protective powder coating, this bench is built to last. It’s the perfect platform for a wide array of utility exercises, offering both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts a valuable tool for achieving their workout goals.

Target Muscles:

The Utility Stool for Gym is designed to enhance a variety of exercises, allowing you to target and strengthen specific muscle groups effectively:

* Chest: Perform bench presses and chest flies to develop a strong and well-defined chest.

* Back: Engage in rows and pullovers to work on your back muscles for a sculpted upper body.

* Shoulders: Execute seated shoulder presses to build broad and powerful shoulders.

* Arms: Enhance your arm strength with tricep dips and bicep curls.

* Core: Add versatility to your core workouts with leg raises and decline sit-ups.

Benefits of Exercises:

* Strength and Endurance: Targeted exercises on the Utility Bench workout improve both muscular strength and endurance.

* Muscle Definition: Isolate specific muscle groups for sculpted and well-defined results.

* Core Stability: Enhance your core stability and balance through core-focused exercises.

* Versatile Workouts: Perform a wide range of exercises on a single bench, maximizing your workout space and potential.

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