> Material: MS Steel

> Variation: 50 Kg total (25 kg on single side)

> Type: Adjustable

> Adjustments: 2.5 KG to 5 KG, 10 KG, up to 25 KG on each side

> Usage: Ideal for home and gym


Our adjustable dumbbell set, boasting a remarkable 50 kg of weight, is designed to empower your fitness journey, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned fitness enthusiast.

Our 50Kg adjustable dumbbell set offers an extensive range of weights to accommodate your fitness level and exercise objectives. It has a total weight of 50Kg with adjustable plates (25 kg on single side). With the ability to adjust from light to heavy, you have the perfect workout equipment for every routine.

You can adjust the plates of size:

           * 16 Weight Plates of 2.5KG Each

           * 4 Weight Plates of 1.5KG Each

           * 4 Safety Locks, 4 Master Locks

           * 2 Rods of 2KG Each

Our home adjustable dumbbells are compact and easy to store, making them the ideal choice for those with limited workout space. The weight changeable dumbbells feature a user-friendly adjustment system that lets you switch weights quickly and securely, ensuring a smooth workout experience. DumFlex is constructed to withstand your most demanding workouts, providing you with a long-lasting fitness solution that won’t let you down.

Designed with a focus on user comfort, adjustable dumbbells feature an ergonomically shaped grip handle that ensures a secure and comfortable hold, allowing you to focus on your form and strength gains.

You can workout using adjustable gym bench and also perform different exercises like:

               * Snatches & rows

               * Presses

               * Biceps & triceps

               * Shoulder workouts

               * Chest workouts

               * Squats

                * And many more

Don’t miss the opportunity to own DumFlex 50 kg adjustable dumbbells. Make your home workouts more efficient and effective than ever before. Order DumFlex today and embark on your journey to a healthier, stronger you.