DumFlex – Adjustable Dumbbells (50 KG)

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    • 50Kg Version (25Kg on single hand, adjustable from 5KG to 25KG)
    • Ideal for home use
    • Chrome-plated MS material for rust-free use for decades to come
    • 10-Year warranty from the company
    • 16 Weight Plates of 2.5KG Each, 4 Weight Plates of 1.5KG Each, 4 Safety Locks, 4 Master Locks, 2 Rods of 2KG Each
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    DumFlex – 50KG Adjustable Dumbbells are our upgraded, heavy weight training gear made for the fitness pros. It helps you perform a wide range of weight training exercises that cover your whole body. This 50KG dumbbell set has been built to enable you to make precise, custom weight adjustments as per your training requirement.

    DumFlex – 50KG Adjustable Dumbbells Features:

    • Replace 12 different sets of dumbbells with one
    • Perform different levels of weight training using the 50KG adjustable dumbbells set
    • Space saving design with easy to adjust weight plates for convenient storage and carry
    • Commercial grade, user-friendly knurling on the rod for the perfect hold during workouts
    • Unique square shape design for better output compared to round shape dumbbells
    • Easy maintenance, just clean with soft, dry cloth to keep it like new
    • No tools or assembly needed, adjust the plates and start workout
    • Can be used with other exercise equipment like gym bench, stepper, yoga mat, etc. to perform various exercises

    Exercises that can be performed with DumFlex – 50KG Adjustable Dumbbells:

    • Snatches & rows
    • Presses
    • Biceps & triceps
    • Shoulder workouts
    • Chest workouts
    • Squats
    • And many more

    You can also get the amazing 25KG version of DumFlex to extend your weight training workouts at home. Contact our team today to solve any queries and book your adjustable dumbbells.

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