Rubber Coated Weight Plates


> Size: 1.25 Kg, 2.5 Kg, 5 Kg, 7.5 Kg, up to 25 Kg

> Material: Metal with rubber coating

> Category: Olympic

> Usage: Home and gym

> Offer: Special Discount on bulk order

Rubber coated weight plates or you can say steering plates or Olympic weight plates. Our Weight Plates are the perfect choice for anyone serious about their strength training.

The core of our rubber plates is constructed from solid metal and casting process, making them incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. The machined steel hub ensures a secure fit on your bar, giving you confidence during your lifts.

The rubberized weight plates are encased in a thick rubber coating, providing exceptional floor protection. The rubber exterior also offers a comfortable, non-slip grip, making loading and unloading weights a breeze.

*       Designed to fit all traditional Olympic bars and racks, these gym plates are versatile and perfect for  muscle building, stability training, and enhancing flexibility & balance.

*       Changing plates during your workouts is seamless and hassle-free with our weight plates. The ergonomic grip handles ensure a stable and secure hold, making your training safer and more efficient.

Weight Lifting Plate sets are tailored for everyday workout. Whether you prefer a smith machine, power cage, squat racks, or any other free-weight exercise equipment these plates are the perfect companions for exercises like squats, bench presses, and an array of other free-weight activities.

Experience the best in strength training with OnTrackYou’s Rubber Coated Weight Plates, where quality, performance, and durability converge. We deliver Pan India. Order Now.