> 2 side-by-side exercise stations

> Comes with a padded seat for extra comfort and safety

> The pivot bar gives a push-and-pull function

> Safety tested mechanism

> EMI available

> All India delivery


This robust piece of Lat Pull Down outdoor equipment is designed to deliver a comprehensive upper body workout, with a focus on your lats, triceps, and shoulders. Crafted to withstand the elements, it ensures consistent performance in any weather.


* Fresh-Air Workouts: Elevate your fitness routine with the crisp, revitalizing outdoor atmosphere.

* Weather-Resistant Build: Constructed with durability in mind, it endures through various weather conditions.

* Targeted Upper Body Strength: Strengthen and tone your latissimus dorsi, triceps, and shoulder muscles.

* Low Impact: Minimize stress on your joints while maximizing your upper body strength.

Exercises and Target Muscles:

* Lat Pulldowns: Engage your latissimus dorsi, improving your back’s strength and definition.

* Tricep Pushdowns: Isolate and tone your triceps for sculpted arms.

* Shoulder Rows: Enhance your shoulder muscles for improved posture and aesthetics.

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