> 2 side-by-side exercise stations

> Comes with a padded seat for extra comfort and safety

> The pivot bar gives a push-and-pull function

> Safety tested mechanism

> EMI available

> All India delivery


OnTrackYou Lat Pulldown machine is an intense test of your upper body skillset. Equipped with a wide range of intensities, from basic to advanced, this calls for a thorough experience. The side-by-side seating arrangement makes it a fun couple experience for your garden gym.

The exercise which usually consists of a pulling motion is known for toning and aids in the strengthening of the biceps, latissimus dorsi, and rear deltoids. The routine can be done in repetitive sets of 10,15 or more depending upon your gym qualifications and is a very easy-to-use outdoor gym equipment that promises to satisfy.

Our fitness teams have a decade-long experience in designing and building innovative exercise machines. We specialize in bringing the gym to your homes, these types of equipment come with a manual and can be easily fixed in any of your home gyms, garden gyms, outdoor gym setups at clubhouses, resorts, corporate offices, elevating your gymming experience. The machines are safety tested to prevent any concerns and is one among the best choice out there for those who are looking for a quick upper body boost.

The simple mechanisms help in reducing the confusion as well as the cost, making it a budget-friendly option to get fit and stay fit

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