> Size: 2.6 (L) x 2.0 (W) x 7.0 (H) Ft

> Adjustment: 16 position adjustable

> Material: Mild Steel

> Weights: Free Weight, Plate Loaded machine

OnTrackYou introducing a revolutionary of new design Wall Mount Cable Crossover Machine which is a testament to give a latest fitness experience. Specially design from heavy MS material to provide durability to home workout experience.

Our single pulley cable machine maximize your workout area with its different stations of workout. This versatile machine is designed to take your home or commercial gym to the next level. The wall-mounted design saves space without compromising on functionality.

You can perform a wide range of cable machine exercises like:

* Lat pull down – This exercise targets the back muscles, specifically latissimus dorsi. Perform with weight bench or standing workout with single arm attachment. It also strength shoulder, biceps and core muscles.

* Bicep curl – Bicep curl exercise targets your upper arms muscles and shape them.

* Tricep pushdown – This exercise complete focus on tricep muscles like lateral head, long head and medical head.

* Chest press – Target your chest muscles with chest press workout with cable pulley station of wall mount.

* Cable row – Enjoy the rowing cardio exercise which targets your back and shoulder muscles. You can perform this workout with exercise bench or without any gym equipment at home.

* Shoulder press – This workout pushing stretch arms and pushing on the shoulder muscles to strength. Use one arm or dual arm workout for shoulder press exercise.

* Bent over row – This exercise is one of the easiest variation of rowing at the bottom of the movement.

The cable pulley machine provides a wide range of exercise options, allowing you to target specific muscle groups from various angles. It’s compact design allowing you to easy install and saves a lot space at your home gym.

Enjoy your home and gym workout with our wall mount cable cross gym machine. Plate loaded, free weight mild steel fitness machine with 16 adjustable position. Experience the smooth and sturdy operation of cable.

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