> Size: 2.6 (L) x 2.0 (W) x 7.0 (H) Ft

> Adjustment: 16 position adjustable

> Material: Mild Steel

> Weights: Free Weight, Plate Loaded machine

Expand your fitness level with Our Wall Mount Cable Cross machine which is a testament to give you the all-in-one fitness experience. This versatile machine is designed to take your home or commercial gym to the next level.

Our Cable Cross Wall Mount system is specially designed to maximize your workout area. With a wall-mounted design, it saves space without compromising on functionality. You can use a home power rack workout, to grow your rack exercise from home gym to commercial training at home. It feels like gym workout training at home.

The dual pulley system provides a wide range of exercise options, allowing you to target specific muscle groups from various angles. From chest exercises to cable crossovers and lat pulldowns, this machine supports a comprehensive workout routine.

The adjustable heights of the pulleys cater to users of different heights and exercise requirements, ensuring a comfortable and customized workout experience and also it delivers exceptionally smooth and quiet movements.

Our wall mount cable pulley system is made from high quality MS material for durability and longevity. So it will satisfy your need for home and gym workout. We recommend using Olympic weight plates with cable cross machine for the best workouts.

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