> Dual workout stations

> Pendulum swing with leg lift

> Easy to install, comfortable to use for all age groups

Flex your hips with the perfect double station pendulum. A piece of engaging fitness equipment that features a multi-workout station. This outdoor gym equipment is an amazing way to stay fit with your partner or friends getting that leg day done with half the effort and double the fun.

This exercise machine is a suited fit for outdoor gyms and professional indoor gyms as well due to its design and galvanized coating, which helps in keeping its new look even under harsh weather conditions.

OnTrackYou is always focused on delivering budget-friendly ways of staying in shape. The dual pendulum is one such example of easy-to-use exercise equipment, which can be utilized by both novices and professional bodybuilders alike. The handle grips are made of skin-safe materials that will leave your post-workout hands rash-free.

Find your support on the handles. After positioning well, swing from left to right. This pendulum motion is perfect for working your hip muscles, giving you those incredible thighs. Leg lift exercises can also be done in addition to the swings making it a great addition in repetitive sets to any workout routine.

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