> Size: 210 x 76 x 163 (cm)

> Weight capacity: 180 Kg

> Features: Self powered

> Resistance Level: 8

> Display: LED with Time, Speed and Distance

> Product weight: 92 Kg

Elliptical Cross Trainer is a versatile cardio machine designed for a full-body workout. It engages both your upper and lower body, making it an efficient calorie-burning tool. With easy-to-grip handles and large, textured footplates, it ensures stability and comfort during your workouts.

Our Elliptical Cross Machine is your perfect fitness companion, designed to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re a beginner, a senior looking to stay active, or someone dedicated to weight loss.

Key Features:

* Smooth, Natural Motion: Our Elliptical Cross Trainer offers a low-impact, fluid motion that’s easy on your joints, making it suitable for users of all ages.

* Adjustable Resistance: Tailor your workout with adjustable resistance levels, ensuring every session is challenging and effective.

* Digital Console: Stay on top of your progress with the built-in digital console, providing real-time feedback on your time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

* Compact Design: With its space-saving design, our Elliptical Cross Trainer is an ideal addition to your home gym.

* Quiet Operation: Enjoy quiet, uninterrupted workouts without disturbing your household.


* Effective Weight Loss: The elliptical motion engages multiple muscle groups, helping you burn more calories and shed those extra pounds.

* Low-Impact: The smooth, gliding motion minimizes impact on your joints, reducing the risk of injuries.

* Cardiovascular Health: Regular use of the cross trainer improves heart health, boosts endurance, and enhances overall cardiovascular fitness.

* Strength and Toning: The elliptical engages your arms, legs, and core, contributing to overall strength and muscle toning.

* Versatile Workouts: Suitable for beginners and seniors, our Elliptical Cross Trainer offers a low-impact, full-body workout for everyone in the family.

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