Technical information

> Size: 4.0 (L) x 4.6 (W) x 6.0 (H) Ft

> Usage: Household, Gym

> Material: Mild Steel 

> Machine weight: 114 Kg approx


The OnTrackYou Olympic Weight Bench, known for its sleek design and rugged durability, is here to elevate your home workouts. Its versatile design allows you to perform a variety of exercises, including bench presses and inclined presses, providing a full-body workout experience.

* Material Details:

It is made of MS material with a powder-coated finish, this bench is built for durability. Its robust construction ensures stability and long-lasting performance.

It contains a heavy gauge mainframe of 2mm for safe workout.

* Target Muscles: The Olympic Bench Press primarily targets the pectoral muscles, deltoids, and triceps during bench press exercises. When set to an inclined position, it engages the upper chest for a comprehensive upper body workout.

Our Olympic Flat Bench Pure features two footplates, making it ideal for users of all heights. The spotter platform ensures safe and effective workouts, even without a training partner. 

Benefits of Using Our Olympic Bench Press:

* Full-Body Workouts: This bench enables a wide range of exercises, making it ideal for working on multiple muscle groups, including the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

* Durable and Stable: Crafted from high-quality MS material with a powder-coated finish, it ensures long-lasting durability and stability, even during heavy lifting sessions.

* Adjustable Incline: The incline feature allows users to target different areas of the chest, promoting muscle development and symmetry.

* Enhanced Strength: By incorporating Olympic weight lifting plates, this bench press machine helps users build strength and endurance effectively.

Achieve new heights of strength and muscular development with the OnTrackYou Olympic Weight Bench. Call for Order.